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Peter's Famous Foods

Made For You.

At Peter's Famous Foods, each and every product served is guaranteed to be prepared with fresh, quality ingredients in our kitchen for you to enjoy.

We believe in sharing with you our passion for food by providing you with essential quality products to take home to create your own delicious dishes.


Homemade Dressings

Peter's passion for quality dressings has driven him to create many of his own, including his now World-Famous Caesar Dressing, a recipe that Peter has kept the same for the last 41 years! 

Peter says "a little bit of garlic and TLC is the secret!"

Imported Specialties

Imported directly from Greece, Peter and family are pleased to provide you with rare, quality specialties that are new to the North American market!

Among these specialties include Peter's Village Olive Oil, farmed by the locals of Koutsi, Nemea, Peter's home village.

Who We Are

Founded by Peter and Anna Bouzinelos with their children Dorina and Kenny, the Bouzinelos family began bottling Peter's World-Famous Caesar Dressing in 2019. With customers coming into The Pizza Factory asking for Peter and staff to fill their own containers with his Caesar dressing, the family knew that it was time to take the next step and provide patrons with jars filled with a little garlic and lots of TLC!