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Our Story

Family Operated.

Made For You.

Peter Bouzinelos left his home village of Koutsi in Greece in 1970 at a young age with plans to go to Canada to make a better life. 

Upon arrival, Peter found a job making pizzas at a local pizzeria, where his passion for food began to rise. After 5 years, Peter decided to open up his own restaurant in Peterborough, Ontario; a small city located just an hour north of Toronto.

After choosing between multiple names, Peter finally decided upon The Pizza Factory to be the title for his new restaurant. At The Pizza Factory, Peter created many amazing homemade recipes, giving Peterborough a taste of his passion for food and quality service. 

Among these recipes is Peter's now world-famous Caesar salad dressing. Customers would come in with their own jars and ask Peter and staff to fill them up with his homemade Caesar dressing. From that point, Peter and his family decided to begin production of bottling the Caesar dressing for patrons to take home to enjoy.




bread oil

Our Goal

To provide our fresh, high quality and homemade food from our kitchen to your dining room table.


What Makes Us Unique

Made Fresh With Quality Ingredients

Before anything else, the quality and freshness of our products comes first. Whether it's an imported item or made from our own hands, we are 100% committed to providing you with nothing short of the best quality product we can. 

Made In Canada 

Manufactured in Canada, we strive to provide you with products that contain local and imported quality ingredients to bring you the best product possible.

Made To Recycle

With our products specifically packaged in glassware, our goal is to make it easier on our landfill sites by providing as little waste as possible. We strive on continuously improving as we move towards a more sustainable future.